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Rolawn Landscaping Bark

Rolawn Landscaping Bark is a mid-dark brown, multi-purpose grade bark derived from forestry woodchip. It is a natural product and will enhance the appearance of landscaping projects.

Specification: -

  • Mixed conifer
  • pH typically 4-6
  • Mid-dark brown
  • Particle size 8-40mm
  • Free of chemical contamination
  • Max white wood (trunk) content by volume 15%
  • Weight to volume ratio (bulk density) is typically 250-500kg/cubic m

Key benefits: -

  • Reduces need for irrigation and watering through reduced moisture loss
  • Extends plant life in periods of drought
  • Attractive uniform appearance
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance by inhibiting weed development
  • Reduces plant loss in cold weather
  • Free flowing, easy to barrow and rake out

Available in convenient 1 cubic m (1000 litre*) bulk bags.

*Approximate volume when packed.

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