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Rolawn Medallion® Turf

Rolawn's renowned Medallion® turf is Britain's biggest selling and most frequently specified lawn turf, being the first choice for both professional landscapers and experienced gardeners who demand the best. Medallion turf is a quality, ryegrass/fescue turf.

As a result of ongoing growing trials, Rolawn continue to refine their famous Medallion® turf cultivar mix. The selected cultivars offer enhanced performance in all quality landscaping situations. Key benefits include superior appearance, wear and disease resistance. Consistency in germination and sward development have been improved. Selected cultivars are Rhizomatous and deep rooting, vital for producing a turf that provides a high level of drought tolerance.

Medallion® turf:

  • looks outstanding on the day it is laid and with the correct care and maintenance will keep its appearance for years to come.
  • is 99.9% weed free, giving the lawn a low maintenance start.
  • is light, easy to lay and establishes itself rapidly, making it the first choice of professional landscapers.
  • is ideal where a high quality appearance, strength and low maintenance are important.
  • is available throughout the year and can be laid at any time except in frosty weather.

Detailed specification and laying instructions

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