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Rolawn Minster Pro® Turf

Rolawn Minster Pro® turf is the ultimate fine bladed 100% fescue turf. It utilises the most advanced cultivar technology, to produce a deep rooting turf of outstanding appearance, that meets the demands of today’s golf and bowling green.

Minster Pro® turf is produced using Rolawn’s industry leading growing regime. Our skilled personnel maximise the benefits of our unique in-house built machinery, resulting in the finest fescue turf.

Independent tests carried out by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) show that Rolawn's chosen cultivars are the most highly rated in close mown trials between 4 & 7mm, visual merit and year round colour

The characteristics of Minster Pro® turf also make it ideal for a variety of landscape applications, including ornamental domestic lawns not subject to excessive traffic.

Key benefits: -

  • Clean sward minimises weed grass importation
  • Grown on light sandy loam, compatible with sand based rootzones
  • Outstanding appearance and year round colour
  • Exceptional fineness and high shoot density
  • Resistant to weed grass attack
  • Lower maintenance
  • Less reliance on irrigation systems
  • Less reliance on fertiliser
  • Less disruption to the playing surface
  • Reduced labour and fuel costs
  • Pace at higher routine cutting heights
  • Shade and drought tolerant
  • Salt tolerant

Rolawn Minster Pro Turf

Applications: -

  • Golf greens
  • Bunker surrounds
  • Tees and aprons
  • Bowling greens
  • Ornamental lawns
  • Coastal regions
  • Shaded areas

Features and Benefits

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